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― We support the “wishes” that connect people to society. ―



HibiiX strives to uphold our company policy of wishing to connect people to society.
We contribute to the development and growth of people and society to gain the trust and support of everyone. Besides real estate appraisal evaluation, we are actively promoting information and solution services with the intention of serving people along with society to the best of our abilities.

The origin of our company name

“Hibi” meaning daily and “iX” meaning information crossing: a place for exchanging information.
These two words combined mean a place for exchanging information daily.We strive to relay and send new information, analyzed data and solutions to problems as soon as possible to benefit everyone.

Corporate philosophy

Contribution to society:

We provide technology and information that aids society while improving expertise.

Customer First:

We listen to the voices of customers and actively propose.


We create value that is unique and cannot be imitated by other companies.

Covering all bases:

We build upon the fundamentals and stay true to them.