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A compensation consultant mainly investigates and calculates land compensation following public works such as roads, rivers, airports and harbors, etc. Land compensation is a method of monetary compensation that is given to right holders for expenses such as land costs and costs to move properties that exist on the land (buildings, structures or garden trees, etc.) when a public organization or company that improves community infrastructure tries to acquire land.
HibiiX carries out compensation consultant duties that support businesses (entrepreneurs) to carry out public works systematically.

Compensation amount

Compensation items Details
Land Necessary acquisition cost for public land based on the current market-value and the guidelines set by The Association of Liaison & Consultation for Land countermeasure.
Building Necessary compensation to approve the relocation method by considering structure, use and other conditions of a building in a case where relocation of the building is needed.
Structure Necessary compensation to relocate structures established on the land other than buildings.
Standing trees It varies depending on the purpose and species of the trees but garden trees will usually require compensation for transplantation.


Other compensations following relocation

Other main compensations for costs needed as a result of relocation are as below.

Movable property Necessary compensation for packing of movable items from relocation and transportation fee etc.
Provisional dwelling and makeshift store Necessary compensation for provisional dwelling and makeshift store for a required period due to relocation.
Landlord Tenant Costs for a temporary reduction of a landlord’s income from rent that follows the relocation of a building. Compensation of the rent difference for a tenant to rent a similar building during a temporary period.
Religious facility Compensation usually required for relocation of a religious facility.
Incidental expenses Compensation for various incidental expenses expected in the transfer of relocated buildings.
Business Compensation for business loss (reduction in revenue, loss of customers, fixed expenses and labor expenses, etc.) as a result of relocation.